That’s awesome! I’m 32, turned 18 again

Did you ever imagine to go back in time? From being old to turning young again. Yes. It just happened to me. I jumped back into my college times today. Turned 18 again from 32.

Hey wait! What’re you thinking? Time machine. Yes. I popped into ‘time machine’ and turned 18 again. I’ll start my university days again. Sometimes ‘times’ take you back to your wonder years. The younger years. Norway did this to me again!

This was next breakthrough in my journey as an expat. I’ll soon start my Norwegian language classes again. It feels like starting life all over again. Mixed feelings! I’m speechless. Starting life again at 32? Quite difficult, a challenge.

Hey! Wait. But I see something different. A flip side of the coin. I’m 18 again. This is amusing. Isn’t it.

I saw this on my way… a path of yellow flowers…


The yellow flowers alongside my path looked beautiful. I realised it’s a new journey, in the whole new world, with new faces and fresh experiences. I felt younger again. I felt as if I’m rolling back in time.

‘Time’ whispered in my ears again: “I’m not measured by clocks, but by moments.” So, dear time, I thought to enjoy you, and not waste you.

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16 thoughts on “That’s awesome! I’m 32, turned 18 again

  1. I decided to take a break between my bachelor and my masters – two years working part time and the rest working on my blog. I loved it. But I love being back at university and learning and studying too. While I don’t feel like 18 again – and I do not want to go back there – I’m happy with the 24 year old me.

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  2. That is so exciting. I’ve always find the idea of starting over in a new country, new life exhausting, and admire those that do it. Now I can envy them, because your perspective of exploring the exciting times of life all over again really spoke to me!

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