Wandering Lust!

I lust for your warm strokes,
I still wait for those musical words, rhyming into my dreamy mind,
I miss your sharp, piercing gaze
Charming my mind, penetrating into my soul, stretching my fantasies far and wide

It’s strange you ensnare me still and my heart no longer feels home in my chest; longs for your soul, whom I’ve barely known.

This is Julia, a black-haired, deep-eyed woman, journeying through a home-spun, seemingly simple life. Caught up in the web of relations. A doting mom. A secret affair- the spark that pushes her beyond her limits, to the extremes. Survival became her only choice.

‘Like a Whirlwind- The Secret Affair’- this is my first new novel, releasing soon. Follow me here to know when and grab your first copy.


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*Character and events narrated in this story are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to real person or event is entirely coincidental.


42 thoughts on “Wandering Lust!

    • Thanks!! I’m so excited to start my work on it. Will keep you all updated how my characters evolve. It’s my brainchild. Loved your work. Just followed you on twitter.


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