About Me

Howdy! A storyteller, a dreamweaver or whatever you call me, I love to pen down my thoughts on meaningful experiences that shape, influence, and change our lives. Human whims and fancies, flaws and follies, incongruities and inconsistencies amuse me and stir my imagination. The result- a creative story is born.

Nowadays, I’m amused by my expat experiences in Norway, the world’s most beautiful country. Moving from incredible India, the world’s most colourful land of cultures. I drain my chronicles as an expat here.

What do I do for living? Well, I’m a marketing communications professional who views her own profession the artistic way.

Currently, I’m working on my very first novel ‘Like a Whirlwind- The Secret Affair’. This is a story of Julia, a dark-haired, deep-eyed passionate young woman and her journey through a thorny patriarchal world. A young girl married early. Caught up in the web of turbulent relations with her family and husband. A doting mom. A secret affair- the spark that pushes her beyond her limits, to the extremes. And survival became her only choice. Stay tuned for the final version.

Happy reading!

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